Where it all began test

Riding since the age of 10 Paul has always had a love for horses. In his early teens he started eventing and has never stopped. Getting up early on the weekends to go to Pony Club or competing in the State Championships (Johnny Rebb Shows), Paul embraced the sport which he still competes in today. His property in Yellingbo (Yarra Valley) is home to 8 horses. His passion runs in the family, his daughter Anthea is a keen rider who also enjoys eventing like her dad.

After leaving school Paul successfully completed a 4 year apprenticeship with Olympic Saddlery in Coldstream. Once he was fully qualified he was on his way to starting his own business. Moving to Wangaratta in 1984 he and his wife Carolyn opened their first saddlery shop, Buckland Saddlery. The business became very popular with the local horse enthusiasts and in 1986 became a Saddleworld franchise. They opened their second shop in Albury in 2002 and in 2007 they decided to scale down, selling the business and returning to workshop projects and saddle fitting.

The family decided to move back to the Yarra Valley in 2010, this resulted in the business they have today.

Paul has designed and handcrafted award winning turnout gear including the Garryowen, judging it twice due to his knowledge and expertise.

Paul has also lectured for Saddleworld on saddle fitting and been a source of knowledge on the subject for equine professionals and retailers within the industry.

In a nutshell Paul has a passion for horses and the sport. He designs it, makes it, fits it and uses it making Paul Buckland an excellent choice for repairs, alterations, fittings and handcrafted Half Breed Saddles.