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Master craftsmanship since 1980

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Half Breed saddles

designed and custom made by

Paul Buckland

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Saddle repairs and alterations

Get the most out of your investment

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Saddle fitting services

designed to improve

your overall performance

and give you piece of mind

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Saddle Bags

designed and custom made by

Paul Buckland

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We come to you

95% of saddle fittings are done onsite

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Why choose us?

  • Fully mobile

    95% of of all saddle fittings are done onsite, making our service convenient and timely.

  • Quality craftsmanship

    Over 35 years experience crafting and designing award winning competition and turn-out gear.

  • Advice you can count on

    Paul Buckland Saddler is an independent family owned business, that means the advice we give is unbiased as we are not affiliated with major retail outlets.

  • Excellent customer care

    Over 75% of our customers are repeat business. This is based on quality product and our commitment to delivering excellence in service.

Our services

Saddle repairs and alterations

Image of Paul Buckland repairing a saddleOur repair and alteration service ensures you get the most out of your saddle. From re-stuffing to strap replacement we do it all. No job is too big or too small. All jobs are quoted prior to any work being done so you know up front what the cost will be, learn more….

Saddle fitting - improve your performance

Saddle fitting conducted by Paul BucklandBy having your saddle fitted correctly you can be assured that your horse is comfortable, making riding more enjoyable for both of you. With competition stakes higher than ever having your saddle fitted has been known to improve performance and minimise risks, learn more…

Custom made Half Breed saddles

Half Breed saddles designed by Paul BucklandHalf Breed saddles are a cross between an traditional Stock and Western saddle, taking the best features of each and combining them into one saddle. They are used mainly in trail riding, camp-drafting and tentpegging however they are becoming more and more popular for everyday use, learn more…

What our client’s and professional colleagues have to say…

“”I can’t say enough just how much I love my Half Breed saddle. It is the most comfortable saddle I have ever owned and I treasure it. Paul not only made a beautiful saddle he made sure that it met the needs of my horse and of cause me the rider. I am forever receiving compliments from other riders, wanting to know who made it, so I recommend Paul all the time.”

“Having worked in the field of equine musculo-skeletal health for the past twenty years I realise just how significant it is for the horse and rider to have a correct fitting saddle. To this end I have been recommending Paul to my clients for the past several years . Both myself and my clients have been impressed with his knowledge, attention to detail and workmanship. I also appreciate the fact that he does not deal with only one or two brands of saddle but will address problems with many brands without bias.”

As an FEI rider and dressage coach I know how important it is to have a saddle that fits your horse correctly. Paul Buckland has fitted saddles to both my competition and younger horses in training and in that time has put a lot of care into making sure both horse and rider are completely happy with the outcome.

As a horseman himself he has an understanding of the postures that need to be developed in the competition or leisure horse and aims to help that be achieved in every horse and saddle he works with. I would recommend Paul to be part of the team that helps every horse and rider reach their goals.