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Services for horse enthusiasts and industry professionals

Paul Buckland designs handcrafted custom made saddles. Combine that with saddle repairs, alterations and the fact that he has been riding horses and competing since he was young lad. This adds up to one thing, you’re in good hands because experience and a love of the sport counts.

  • Saddle Fitting Services

    Saddle fitting can improve performance because it ensures that the rider is balanced. Both horse and rider will feel more comfortable and safer. Equine medical professionals recommend this service to minimise back issues and assist with rehabilitation.

  • Saddle repairs and alterations

    Horse gear can be expensive and in most cases having a repair or alteration done can save you money. Our repairs and alterations are a cost affective way to increase the life span of your saddle. We will provide you with a quote prior to work being conducted and we only use quality materials in all our repair work.

  • Handcrafted Designer half Breed Saddles

    A Half Breed Saddle is a cross between a traditional Stock and Western saddle, guaranteeing the rider comfort and longevity. Commonly used for trail riding, campdrafting and tentpegging these saddles are becoming popular with riders in general.

  • Warranty work

    This service is for retailers who require repairs for all major saddle brands that are still under warranty. We deliver quality repairs for most brand types.