Image of a half Breed Saddle made by Paul Buckland

Handcrafted designer Half Breed Saddles

A Half Breed Saddle is a cross between a traditional Stock and Western saddle, guaranteeing the rider comfort and longevity. Commonly used for trail riding, campdrafting and tentpegging these saddles are becoming popular with riders in general.

“I can’t say enough just how much I love my Half Breed saddle. It is the most comfortable saddle I have ever owned and I treasure it. Paul not only made a beautiful saddle he made sure that it met the needs of my horse and of cause me the rider. I am forever receiving compliments from other riders, wanting to know who made it, so I recommend Paul all the time.”

We often get asked can they be longer or deeper to accommodate various saddles and saddle bags. The answer is yes because all our saddle pads are custom made to your needs.

The benefits

  • Comfort

    Half Breed saddles are known for their comfort for both horse and rider. Trail riders and Campdrafters have known this for many years and now these versatile saddles have become a popular option for the everyday rider.

  • Made to last

    All saddles made by Paul are made to last. All saddles are part hand stitched and made with the highest quality leather to ensure longevity of your investment.

  • Customised to your needs

    Each saddle is made with two things in mind, the rider and the horse. By getting to know both of you the saddles is then crafted based on how you ride and your horse’s body type.

Half Breed saddles are hand made and crafted, prices start at $3,500. We will provide a full quote prior to any work being done. A deposit of $500 is required once the quote is approved and the work scheduled.