Professional saddle fitting services

Saddle fitting can improve performance because it ensures that the rider is balanced. Both horse and rider will feel more comfortable and safer. Equine medical professionals recommend this service to minimise back issues and assist with rehabilitation.

“Often I’m asked, who should have their saddle fitted? The answer is simple, anyone that puts their bum in a saddle.

Many clients have stated that as a kid they never had the need for their saddle to be fitted. This is true but with all the research conducted over the last 20 years we are better educated in this area. Our horse’s physique has changed due to the introduction of new breeds, training techniques and the impact of new saddle designs.

The level of competition has also increased as the stakes are higher than ever. Having a saddle fitted professionally ensures the rider is correctly balanced and this helps improve your overall performance.

But it isn’t just for the professional riders, saddle fitting is for any horse lover that just wants the best for their four legged companion.”

We come to you

We are fully mobile with a travelling workshop. This means that 95% of all saddle fittings are completed at your preferred location, whether that be home of work we come to you. If work is required back in our workshop you can be assured we will conduct this in a timely manner.

We visit country Victoria throughout the year, to be advised of the next trip in your area become an email subscriber (right of this webpage) to receive a notification on when our next country trip is scheduled.

Image of Paul Buckland altering a saddle at a saddle fitting service

Cost of service

Booking fee (deposit to be made online) $50 per horseSaddle fitting fee $150 per horse less the $50 deposit = $100 to be paid per sitting/horse on the day of the sittingAny work on the saddle based on the assessment is quoted on the day. Once approved the work is to be completed and paid for on the day of the fitting.
$50$100To be quoted

Book online today to get the ball rolling

By completing our online booking form and paying the $50 deposit for each horse you will secure a date and time which we will arrange with you directly.

Please note each saddle fitting is $170 leaving the remaining amount of $120 to be paid per horse on the day of the fitting. A surcharge may apply for certain locations, this is due the petrol price increases.